Monica Vinader – Passion for Perfection in jewelry

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Monica Vinader – Passion for Perfection in jewelry


Trends in jewelry are ever changing with celebrities and movie stars you see in ดูหนังฟรี being always the first to be seen in the latest eye catching

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Trends in jewelry are ever changing with celebrities and movie stars you see in ดูหนังฟรี being always the first to be seen in the latest eye catching pieces of jewelry that the average citizen can only look upon and sigh. Today’s economy too plays a major role in the trending scene and with the cost of gold going sky high, many are turning to affordable alternatives such as white gold, platinum and sterling silver which ideal for gem stone settings.

With more and more fashion conscious women and men turning to diamond studded silver jewelry for traditional occasions such as for engagements, weddings and anniversary jewelry, settings too keep changing with some of the delicate and intricately carved designs coming back into the scene but with a slight tweak here and a less ornate detail there to keep up with the modern times and in keeping with the passion for all that’s natural that today’s young yearn for.

Monica Vinader is one such modern jewelry designer that has caught the fancy of many a celebrity today who has a way of weaving the fables of her travels into the intricately carved pieces of jewelry that she creates. Looking at Monica Vinader jewelry is like reading her life story where the beauties and curiosities of nature have made such an impact on her life.

Although Monica’s life in the exotic world of jewelry began as a creator of private collections of well to do clients, in her own country Spain, so well were they accepted and appreciated all over the world in countries as diverse as UK, Japan and the USA that her clientele grew far and wide and she had to take her collection all over the major cities in the world. A celebrity in her own way, Monica Vinader UK is no stranger to subscribers of popular magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Harpers among others with high end celebrities such as Keira Knightly, Danni Minogue, Cameron Diaz and Cheryl Cole being the greatest fans of her gorgeous designer jewelry.

What’s unique about Monica Vinader jewelry is its elegant simplicity combined with luxury and sophistication that ensures the class of its wearer in no uncertain terms. Her jewelry, which is mostly created out of sterling silver or rose gold, is set with semi precious stones to compliment both the metal and the stone in the most exquisite manner that is bound to entrance any woman of taste.

Monica Vinader UK is no fly by night jeweler because she is well tutored in the art of jewelry making, armed as she is with a City & Guilds London Decorative Arts degree which she put to good use by launching her own line in jewelry in 2002. Her love for nature once again becomes evident in her quest for the perfect place to set up her workshop which was a 16th century barn in the English countryside which she converted in to her workshop. Monica Vinader makes no bones about her passion for jewelry and her dedication towards creating sensationally beautiful jewelry for women all over the world which was in no small way recognized when she won the UK Jewelry Brand of the Year award in 2009.