Methods And Pei


Methods And Pei


Wear jade is worn on the person of various jade, which is characterized by smaller individuals, most have to threaded holes. Pei-yu of the types of mo

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Wear jade is worn on the person of various jade, which is characterized by smaller individuals, most have to threaded holes. Pei-yu of the types of more jade?, Jade bracelets, jade just d, jade tablets, jade belt hook and so on. Wear some group, some individual suspension.

Jade? Is human earrings, the shape of a small Bi, but there is a gap. Neolithic Jade? More optical elements without stripes, the Shang Dynasty jade? Often Beaulieu shape, end to end in both directions, the West Zhou Yu? More to ramp Knife Carving out the dragons, moire, Niaowen so, the Spring and Autumn unearthed jade? more, smaller shapes, 2-5 centimeters in diameter. After the Warring States jade? No longer popular. Since ancient times, jade bangle bracelet and the wrist is decorated with the most basic one of the people, the Neolithic tombs have been unearthed saw, was the foreign Dawenkou culture within the circular jade bracelet, jade bracelet for the flat circular Spring and Autumn Period, Tang Dynasty a gilded jade bracelets, jade bracelets cylindrical ring the development of the Song Dynasty, in flat cylindrical, no pattern of light elements, the Ming and Qing jade bracelet more common decorative, such as joint bead pattern, rope pattern, bamboo pattern and so on. Jade? Is a slightly bent, tapered device, first it is portable. Results for the Solution of a tool, later became the accessories that adult symbol.

Since the Neolithic period to the Han Dynasty, the ancient is not bad, but there does not appear after the Han dynasty. Jade? Jade known as “pull that”, cylinder shaped, can set the thumb, first as a hook when the string archery equipment for wear after. Seen in the early Shang Dynasty, becoming a kind of accessories to the Han dynasty, losing a practical function. Song to Qing appeared on behalf of the Chinese form of imitation jade, slightly different shape and decoration are also very different.

Also known as Yu Yu Gang Mao Yan Mao, rectangular, in a hole, can be linked through Sheng Pei, device surfaces statement auspicious moment for the evil spirits, is an ancient talisman. Han popular, generally about 2 cm, 1 cm wide, later generations have imitate, but very different in style of the Han Dynasty. Jade jade plate is a block or even by a few dozen pieces of jade plate Xiang decorated flat belt, is the ancient symbol of official grade. Jade square, rectangular, Peach, etc., often carved surface of a variety of patterns seen in the Northern Zhou Dynasty jade belt before, has been in force up to the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty jade belt system abolished.

Jade tablets were square or rectangular, superficial relief or openwork carving devices of various design and writing, there are holes to wear Shengpei system. Jade tablets are very popular in the Ming Dynasty, Qing Ming for more than a fake, some inscribed “Son just” pseudo-section for. Jade belt hook jade belt hook is used to hook waist belt objects, usually by the first hook, body hook, hook button three parts, the first for the hook with hook, hook button is from the fixed effects. Shape more, the first dragon, duck head, the first such horse, the body of a lute-shaped, Chi-shaped, etc., a variety of luxury are also inlaid stones, throughout history there was fine. Jade Dragon Jade Dragon’s image evolved with the times, the Neolithic Hongshan Culture Jade Dragon, body as “C” shape, concise and beautiful, full of features. Thereafter, the Dragon show colorful style.

Ages with their own distinct characteristics. Yu Yu animal animals taken as true in nature, animals, carvings, or flakes are carving, modeling pose diverse and lifelike. Jade animals generally as accessories, and some can be used as furnishings. There are jade tiger jade animal, jade elephant, jade bears, Yu Ma, Yu Lu, Yu cattle, pig jade, jade eagle, jade fish, turtles and other jade, ancient jade, the most common. A partner in Pei-yu are a direct reflection of human self-image works, there is the whole body, bust, people who face the first and so on, generally flat, except can be used to wear line, the large-scale can be used as furnishings, a ritual, the role of evil .