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Basic tips for jewelry care


To safe your jewelry safe and clean, there are certain yes and no which you have to consider. The very first always is Yes and always: - Try and ap

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Jewelry Care Tips – Keep Your Jewelry Look Shiny!
Jewelry Care – Essential Tips You Should Follow To Take Care Of Your Jewelry!

To safe your jewelry safe and clean, there are certain yes and no which you have to consider. The very first always is

Yes and always: – Try and applying skin care products, perfume before wearing the jewelry. It is advisable to do this because these products have chemicals in them and; thus, they can put adverse effect on your jewelry. After returning from some event or party, make sure that you are keeping the jewelry in the box after cleaning it with a soft cloth in order to remove the dust and oil that might settles on the top of your diamond. This dust and oil can reduce the spark of you diamond.

No and never: – Say no to wearing jewelry when you are doing some household work like cleaning, washing, etc. House cleaning products like phenyl, washing powder or chlorine are something that can adversely harm your jewelry so it is advisable not to wear your jewelry when you are doing any work with these products.

Basic care tips for jewelry:

In order to maintain and preserve your jewelry or ornaments, one should keep them preserved in their soft zip lock bags. Your jewelry is soft and delicate and; thus, it can easily get scratched. So in order to enhance the life of your jewelry, one has to keep a proper care of it. If you want to clean your jewelry, then you must do it with a mild soap as it has fewer chemicals. The steps of washing jewelry is take some warm water and put 4 to 5 drops of mild soap in it, dip your jewelry in the solution and then after drying it properly, store them in a air-tight bag. Before keeping the jewelry inside the box, make sure to make it completely dry as a little bit of wet jewelry can get tarnished very soon.

Make sure not to utilize chlorine to clean the jewelry as this product can harm your jewelry badly. If your jewelry has pearls or gemstones, then make sure not to dip that in water as it can loosen the settings of your stone and your jewelry can get affected. Store your silver jewelry with chalk as it has moisture-absorbing properties. Avoid putting your jewelry in direct sunlight as this will not just dull the color of your stones and pearls but will also make your jewelry look dull and unappealing.

Jewelry is not meant to be worn 24*7. You should give your jewelry a break. Do not keep on wearing the same jewelry every time. Keep on changing them as this way you will be able to give your jewelry complete rest and moreover you will be getting the chance to try even your other items. You should show your love and affection for your other jewelry items as well.

Make sure to keep your gold and silver jewelry in separate boxes. Gold can put scratches on other jewelry items and it itself can also get hurt. So, make sure them to put these two metals in different bags. In the end, you should wipe your jewelry with a cloth that prevents tarnishing.

So, these are some of the basic jewelry care tips.